Control multiple bank accounts in real time with one view.

Deben empowers businesses to analyze, report, and forecast cash flow 2x faster through integrations with all of bank accounts.

Cash Reporting

Instant complete Cash Visibility Into your cash Position across all your banks and bank accounts. With automated categorization of bank transactions.

  • Instant view for all your account balances.
  • Navigate between the different levels for cash views for your organization.
  • Compare the performance of different entities by incoming or outgoing transactions categories.

Cash Forecasting

Automatically generate your cash flow forecasts from the projected revenues and payments through direct integrations with your accounting system. Get automated forecasting plan, Forecast VS Actual, Actual VS Actual reports.

  • Easily display the future cash flows in the short, medium, and long term, with different levels of visibility (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly…)
  • Forecast your data on the holding level or subsidiaries

Cash Analysis

Get clear visibility of financial health and intelligent insights that helps organizations make faster decisions.

  • Analyze and compare different scenarios with different hypothesis that will affect your future cash flows.
  • Drill down into individual transactions for a full audit history.

Cash Reconciliation

Automatically close your books by the end of month through a powerful categorization and aggregations of transactions to the right GL account.

  • Reconcile your banking transactions in just a few clicks. Deben automatically suggests the reconciliation between your paid and committed transactions. No more manual checking.
  • Multi-currency reconciliation.
  • Direct ERP/accounting system integrations.

Bank Integrations

Connect Deben directly with multiple banks to gain an instant 360° view of transactions and balance data across all accounts through ready to use APIs with no internal IT involvement.

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